Our private lessons 

individual lessons

General framework

Our private lessons are targeted according to your objectives! 


Lors d’un cours privé de plus de 4h, des participants pourront vous accompagner si vous le souhaitez.

première étape 

Temps environ 10-15min

– Moral maintenance (lived experience, etc.)
– Martial objective (professional, personal, learning, discovery etc…)
– Short and medium term objective

second step

Temps 1h20

– The fundamental bases of Systema.
– Understanding levers and biomechanics.
– Mobility and movement.
– Advanced breathing technique.
– Analysis of the fight and the lines of directions.
– Adopt an invisible fighting style.

– Et plus encore … ! 



Yannick Mengis

Chef Instructeur



Prices and benefits:


Temps de la ou les séance(s) unique 1h30′ :

– With subscription Full access = CHF 80.- chf


– With subscription 2x par semaine = CHF 100.- chf


– With subscription 1x par semaine = CHF 120.-chf


– Non membre = CHF 150.- chf


IMMERSIVE MODE = At least over 8 hours (over 2-3 days in a row) / Maximum 24 hours (about 4-5 days in a row)

** The deeper the immersion, the more you will benefit from:

Attractive discount 💯

– Total immersion 🌀

– Quick results and dazzling progress 📈

– One or more participants who can accompany you 🤝

– Possibility to film 📽

– Access to all our group lessons during the month of the immersive period ⭐️

(a full quote will be provided)


    You will benefit from:

    • A certificate of initiation and some gifts from our shop.



    Un Instructeur In TRAINING