“Qu’est-ce que le systema ?”

Quelques points brut afin de comprendre
ce qu’est le Systema :


  • It is a physical and mental training method, which focuses on adaptability, breathing and relaxation.
  • Le Systema peut être utilisé dans différentes situations, comme l’auto-défense, l’amélioration de la condition physique,
    la gestion du stress, etc.
  • Experienced Systema practitioners can easily adapt to other martial arts or combat sports thanks to their freedom of movement not limited by rigid rules. Although the understanding of techniques imposed by a fighting style can be acquired, it can become monotonous for Systema practitioners.
  • Sans une démonstration ou quelques séances d’entraînements, vous ne pouvez pas vous faire une idée exacte de ce à quoi ressemble le Systema en pratique.
  • Be aware that even on video, it is difficult to judge its effectiveness.
  • Systema is used not only for martial arts, but also for medicine, education, personal development and stressful situations.
  • Il y a des concepts clés au Systema, comme la flexibilité mentale et physique, la respiration consciente, la désescalade de la violence, etc.

Martin Wheeler

"Training in Toronto"



Je sais pertinemment que le Systema est un art martial très controversé. Notamment car c’est un art martial très libre d’accès qui peut parfois être mal ou différemment interprété par chaque individu.
What you have to think about is that it is not designed for competition or an MMA cage.
In this environment there are rules, a referee, a required outfit, a suitable environment, all generally well lit and controlled.

But above all… There is no weapon!

A so-called sports fighter (MMA, Boxing, etc.) can of course practice Systema.
This will bring him enormously, because a new perspective of things will open up to him.
But sooner or later, I think that if he wishes to continue exploring his Systema, he will have to make a choice between this one and the other combat sports.

In my opinion, to begin with, the best way to judge its effectiveness in Systema is to see an improvement in internal threats (fear, anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem, lack of courage).
External threats (physical altercation with one or more individuals, environmental danger, rupture of normality) do not have a special chance of being demonstrated to ourselves because the practitioner of Systema responds to the unique law of the present and the 'stock.

We seek neither confrontation nor competition and even less to prove anything to anyone.
If you do, not only have you just lost control over yourself, but above all you are acting according to expectations, fashions, desires, a wish for prestige or glory. In three words = Stress, Injury, Ego.

The real actions that led me to judge my skill in combat took place in the exercise of my duties (Security Agent) and again! I have a uniform, laws and regulations to respect.
Je pense que les seules situations concrètes et complètes de la pratique du Systema seraient de vivre un conflit armé (guerre), quelque chose qui se rapproche de l’espionnage, une arène de combats à l’époque des gladiateurs ou des champs de batailles.

Que Dieu m’en dispense. 🙏

I am aware that my thought will not be understood and even validated by everyone, because this is out of the norm, out of frame, out of trend.
If I was looking for general validation, I would never have started Systema.
Et si vous avez lu ce texte, c’est que nous sommes déjà ami, je n’ai donc rien à vous prouver. 😉

Mengis Yannick

Don't become a burden to yourself...



By this message, I thank you again for the SYSTEMA teaching received during the course last Friday.

A new and very interesting experience with good instructors, it was great thank you.

So as promised, I submit to you an interpretation of the word SYSTEMA according to my studies in symbol and letter.

" SYSTEMA… an insignificant designation for a Russian martial art, isn't it?

And yet, if we connect to the vibration of each letter of this word, it becomes perfectly revealing!

Thanks to the language of birds, a different way of hearing and interpreting the meaning of words, here is the message created by SYSTEMA:

S   movement in all directions
Y   the need to experiment before finding your way
S   movement in all directions
T   the roots, the territory, the land
E   to be in the world
M  creation
HAS   rule, law, method and stability

Interpretation: SYS
At the beginning of the word, there is the S which means to be in a situation where there is movement, agitation. Such is the case during a conflict, an argument, threats.

Then the Y between the two S gives the feeling of being stuck in a hectic atmosphere.

The Y invites you to experience within yourself the sensations, feelings or thoughts that lead to harmony (unity),

that is, the way out to escape or face the unpleasant situation.

Interpretation: T
The centerpiece (central) of the word SYSTEMA is the T. Once you have analyzed the situation and found unity (Y),

you take action by first laying down your roots. You determine your territory and you are firmly grounded.

Interpretation: EMA
By this anchoring, you feel fully in this world. Your body, soul and spirit are connected by unity (E).

You are ready to work in the world and thus to come into contact with the adversary.

the M means that you are a creator… and what do you create? Your law… the A!

the HAS represents your rule, the method you impose to get out of the conflict situation.

In summary, the SYSTEMA allows you to anchor yourself well (T) to find your stability (A) in an eventful moment (S). »


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