a way to reveal and resolve your tensions

Russian massage


Our internal barriers materialize as physical tensions. Some areas freeze, like closing the doors of a threatened castle. They prevent circulation, cut themselves off from breathing. Our bodily networks are congested, the exchanges between the organs are degraded. Thus, our internal harmony deteriorates. Energy no longer flows without obstacles, it becomes blocked, stagnates.

We are used to operating like this, compartmentalizing, without conscious attention, only perceiving the symptoms. Everyone experiences certain limitations depending on their weaknesses: stomach aches, ulcers, sinusitis, baldness, myopia, limitation of mobility, back pain…


Russian massage, a deep muscle massage, is a way to reveal and resolve these tensions. To release stiff areas, the masseur uses various tools (stepping, harmonic rocking, whips, long sticks, short sticks, etc.), to soften, knead the body, oxygenate. The method is intended to achieve better well-being. The less tension our body harbors, the more it can exercise its regenerative capacities.

In Russian massage, pain is our ally. Without it, how would we know where the tensions in our body are concentrated? By gradually compressing the areas of muscular tension and remaining there, the masseur reveals them, bringing them to the consciousness of the person being massaged. Thus the tensions come to light and are identified; they can therefore begin to dissipate.

However, the first reaction of the massed is resistance. As incredible as it may seem, we cling to our tensions, because we live with them, they are familiar to us, they are well known to us. Thus, initially, the body stiffens, as if threatened.

Then the body discovers that this pain can only be tolerated by relaxing, releasing those areas of stress and letting it go. As in the half-light of a virgin forest, the massaged person finds his way which leads him to cross the intensity of the pain and to dissipate it. And this, thanks to a “magical” tool: breathing. The more you breathe, the more the tension will be released. The less the body protects itself, the more the mind relaxes.


Russian massage is above all a massage of listening, revelation and healing. It is in the masseur/massaged relationship that it takes its source and not in the techniques. By his truth and his know-how, the masseur will generate confidence in the person he is massaging to allow him to let go of his tensions. Without this confidence, the massed will not be able to relax and therefore will not be able to heal.

Likewise, the tensions of the masseur are reflected in the massage he gives. He must then work constantly to release his own tensions to open his heart, grow in listening, dare to offer himself. More and more accurate in his massage, he knows how to recognize the limit of massage, his own limits, the pain threshold not to be exceeded. It becomes freer and more balanced. It is in the virtuous circle of this growing and reciprocal confidence that in turn grows the confidence of the massed. The Russian massage then becomes a spiritual act. An act of mutual healing that depends more on the ability to give of oneself, on the love of one's neighbor than on any technique.

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