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By modules of 6 lessons

27.06.2023  //  04.07.2023  //  11.07.2023  //  18.07.2023  //  25.07.2023  //  08.08.2023

All our modules are retroactive – when you go on vacation, medical certificate, military service, long-term business trip of more than 10 days

Price 250.- CHF


Rediscover your potential with Systema, designed especially for seniors!

Imagine a place where age is just a number, where your well-being and health come first. Where you can breathe deeply, release every tension, regain your mobility, flexibility, and even heal muscle aches that have been with you for too long. Imagine a place where you can learn to anticipate falls and react effectively to protect your body.

This place exists and it's closer than you think. Welcome to our world dedicated to teaching Systema to seniors!

Systema is not just a martial art, it is a journey of discovery and transformation. It focuses on your health, breathing, mobility, flexibility and muscle healing. It also helps you develop your reflexes to anticipate and react to falls, giving you a sense of security and confidence in your abilities.

Our courses are taught by experienced instructors who have already guided many seniors on this path. Whether you choose our predefined modules for progressive learning or opt for a bundled request, each session is a new step towards better health and increased well-being.

Don't let the years decide what you can or can't do. Take control, feel the joy of movement again, regain your energy and vitality. Because you deserve it. Because you are never too old to take care of yourself, to learn, to grow.

So, ready to rediscover your potential? Ready to transform your life? Join us and together, let's awaken the energy that lies dormant in you!



Do you think age is a barrier to starting a new physical activity like Systema? Think again ! Systema is not just a martial art, it is a holistic approach to well-being and health that is accessible to everyone, regardless of age.

It's never too late to start Systema. What matters is your willingness to embark on a path to better health and greater independence. Our qualified instructors are there to accompany you every step of the way, respecting your pace and abilities.

So go ahead, you're not too old for Systema. Embark on this adventure that will bring you more vitality, mobility and serenity. Come and discover Systema, the martial art suitable for all ages!